PGI BSc Nursing Entrance Coaching Classes in Chandigarh

Who should opt for PGI BSc Nursing Coaching Classes?

Mantram’s Blended (PGI BSc Nursing +Classroom Coaching) Programs have been specifically designed to facilitate PGI BSc Nursing Entrance preparation for different kinds of aspirants. If you have completed Class X (or have recently started Class XI), you should check out Mantram’s 2Y program – our flagship two-year program.

If you are in Class XII, our one-year program, Mantram’s 1Y, which has been designed to strike a balance between PGI BSc Nursing Entrance preparation and the school syllabus, would be most suitable for you. If you need to improve your fundamentals, and clear queries, our intensive crash course Mantram’s Express – starting 4-6 weeks before PGI BSc Nursing Entrance Exam – would be ideal for you. In case you are retaking a PGI BSc Nursing Entrance Exam, or have enrolled in an undergraduate course, the 8-10-month long Mantram’s Bullet program will streamline your PGI BSc Nursing Entrance Exam preparation; and get you fully prepared.

Which are the areas an aspirant should lay stress on during PGI BSc Nursing Entrance Exam preparation?

Every student should know their strong areas and weaknesses. They should work on them during our classes for the PGI BSc Nursing Entrance Exam in order to excel in the test. To begin with, they should focus on their strengths and avoid the weaker areas, keeping in mind the PGI BSc Nursing Entrance Exam paper carries negative marking. This will also help aspirants to form their own strategy.

What is a typical PGI BSc Nursing Entrance Exam coaching session like?

A typical Mantram’s – BNE session for PGI BSc Nursing Entrance is conducted for three hours. The students are made familiar with the basic concepts of the nursing topic in hand, with the help of examples. A lot of importance is given to practice, which is considered the key to crack the PGI BSc Nursing Entrance competitive exam. The exercises done in the class are handed over to PGI BSc Nursing students; and are followed by thorough discussions. The focus at Mantram’s-BNE in on interactive learning sessions that encourages every student not to hesitate to voice any doubt they might have; and ask for clarifications.

What are the problems a PGI BSc Nursing Entrance aspirant may not foresee?

PGI BSc Nursing Entrance likes to throw surprises every year, leaving students bewildered in the examination halls. PGI BSc Nursing Entrance 2019, for instance, had five sections, while asking maximum questions from Biology and Physics and Chemistry questions were less, which is, otherwise, part of the paper. Thus, it is better to have an open mind, and be ready to field googlies in the PGI BSc Nursing Entrance Exam. The major challenge lies in managing the clock and understanding the navigation system. Make sure that the analysis of the tests taken during our PGI BSc Nursing Entrance coaching classes helps you identify-and work on-your strengths and weaknesses.